Will MSKx work for me?

In independent clinical testing, 96% of patients reported decreased pain, increased function, and decreased stiffness. We are so confident that you will be more than satisfied with MSKx that we offer an industry leading, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

How does MSKx work?

MSKx utilizes its patent pending three step process to stop inflammation and improve health and function. To read more about the science behind MSKx, read here.

Are there side effects to MSKx?

We are pleased that there have to date been no reported side effects with MSKx. With any supplement or medication, however, side effects are possible and the most common would be mild stomach upset. MSKx is very safe. If mild stomach upset does occur in the first days of taking MSKx, simply take MSKx after a meal and the stomach symptoms will subside. MSKx is all natural and produced by a leading manufacturer in New Jersey, USA, that adheres strictly to best practices and includes no fillers or artificial ingredients.

How long does MSKx take to start working?

Results with MSKx will certainly vary but most people report improved symptoms with their first dose! And, most people have reported gradually improving symptoms as the weeks go by.

Should I take MSKx if I don’t have any symptoms?

MSKx is an all-natural anti-inflammatory. Many of the spine specialists surveyed by Life Essentials reported taking MSKx in order to stay active and pain-free even though they were not experiencing any pain. Many patients report continuing to take MSKx even after their symptoms resolve because they feel less stiff and more mobile in general.

How should I store MSKx?

MSKx should be stored in a cool, dry place such as cupboard or drawer.

What time of day should I take MSKx?

Most people prefer to take MSKx in the morning when they first get up. However, it really depends on your schedule and preference. Ideally, MSKx should be taken at the same time every day.

Do I need to take MSKx with food?

MSKx may be taken on an empty stomach or after a meal, depending on your preference. Most people have reported taking MSKx with a full glass of water or juice.

Why does MSKx have fewer ingredients than most other products but seems to work so much better?

MSKx was not developed overnight. We went through a very deliberate, careful, scientific, systematic process in order to get the right ingredients. What we found was that by selecting the right ingredients that worked synergistically and then increasing their absorption through the use of piperdine, we didn’t need to use “filler” ingredients or mega-dosages that just ended up being excreted anyway. By selecting the right ingredients at the right dosages, we came up with an effective product that can be taken as one pill, once per day, and have greater efficacy than any other supplement on the market. To read more about the discovery process of MSKx, click here.

Will MSKx interact with any of my prescription medications or supplements?

MSKx is 100% all natural and safe to take with your prescription medications and supplements.

Can I order MSKx from outside of the United States?

Yes, we do offer international shipping of MSKx.


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Doctors use MSKx for their pain. Shouldn't you use it for yours?

In one survey, 93% of doctors from across the country reported that they would take MSKx for their own pain or recommend MSKx to a family member, friend, or patient.